Here you go - Adonis 4.0 ?

Version 4.0 of AdonisJs is officially out and not only it is ready to be used in production, but you can also invest your time to build long-term projects, and there are reasons behind such a strong voice.

  1. Javascript as a language has seen new changes almost every morning and being a pure Javascript framework; Adonis has to support all these features. Since significant parts of the language like async/await, proxies are fully implemented, we are not expecting any big changes forcing a re-write of the framework.

  2. After the dev release, I successfully got AdonisJs running in production inside Kayako ( the company I work for ). That means I use it every day at work, taking out more time to improve it and build tooling around the framework.

  3. I am happy to accept that we are a small community ( not as big as React ) but it is changing. Every morning I get at-least 10 new PR’s and a bunch of issues around edge cases.

Where to get it? #

Head over to and follow the installation guide. Trust me it will take less than 5 minutes to get Adonis running on your machine.

Newcomers? #

If this is the first time you hear about AdonisJs, then let me put down some impressive features you wished inside a Node framework.

  1. Written in pure Javascript, no fuss around running transpilers and fighting with them.

  2. Solid MVC architecture with inbuilt IoC container to bind and resolve dependencies.

  3. First class support for unit testing, API and browser tests.

  4. Active Record based ORM.

  5. Bunch of first-class add-ons for: sending emails, I18n and writing terminal commands

  6. Extensive documentation.

What’s next? #

It is not all over. There are a bunch of things pending to be added to the eco-system and make you even more productive as a developer.

I will be working on small features like:

  1. Development request logger.
  2. Model traits for adding slugs.
  3. A demo application built using AdonisJs and NuxtJs.

The good chunk of my time will be spent on adding support for following features.


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